Welcome to Billy Earnest’s personal blog.

I’m a “long form guy” living in a world that is quite the opposite.

You may find anything here from general rambling to specific topics that interest me. I’m not sure what this is going to be…maybe I just need a place to write. I don’t expect that anyone really wants to know “what I think”, & I’ve always thought blogs were kind of silly…but here I am. Maybe I just need to get this stuff out of my head.

I’ve actually had a website of some sort since 1998…personal, music, business, etc. See http://bearnest.com for much more about me, including info. about my CAD/BIM & Residential Design Services…which is how I make a living, if you can call it that.

Fair Warning: I will speak my mind here. My thoughts & opinions may offend some people. I may use profanity on occasion. I will try to label any posts with foul language in the title. If you are offended by such things, please DO NOT read my blog.

This is my forum, & my thoughts…I will edit & delete as I see fit. I will allow for comments, & possibly some debates, but I will not tolerate foolishness. I will remove/block people as I see fit.
Anything written/created by me, is my intellectual property. Nothing that I post here may be used without my written permission. Material owned by other parties will be acknowledged.

I hope you enjoy…Thanks for visiting!

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