Renovation Project Underway @BEARNEST

When doing a major Renovation project, the first thing you need is good “As-Built” drawings & model. Document all the existing conditions first. This is phase I of several on this project. Partial As-Builts + New Deck Design, Covered w/Fireplace, etc. As we design the new deck & roof, we are thinking about Phase II which will be a new look for the entire house, matching what we do with the new deck & roof. Then, the client will probably redo the entire pool deck, & terraces, all to match our new work. Quite a project. I will add existing terrain to the model soon, along with more detail & ArchiCAD eye candy to the house as we start working on the other sides. This is only the beginning. We are working out new deck design now. I will post progress as we go. I will hang out of a helicopter if needed, to measure your house. Just another day at the office.

CAD/BIM & Design Services by Billy Earnest:

Plans for Custom Homes, Additions & Renovations, As-Builts, Misc. Drafting/Modeling, etc. #ArchiCADwrangler #bearnest

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